HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL: history, mission, and philosophy.

HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL is the biggest lodging organization in the world, and the most practical and friendly, safe and cheap way to travel. With over 4 tousands hostels in 70 countries all around the world and more than 3,7 million members, HI contributes with US$ 1,5 billion per year for the world turism thrift.

Hostelling International 's standards assures you high levels of facilities and services, at international criterions, wich are guaranteed by the HI Standards team. Every Hostel is ruled by five basic assumptions: SAFETY, HYGIENE, COMFORT, HOSPITALITY AND GOOD PRICE. These standards ensure a safe and friendly stay during your trip.

Our hostels have on line booking services since the 90's, thus users can leave home with their reservation done. The Youth Hostel is a place for people of all ages with a traveller soul.

Since 1909, in Germany, the schoolteacher Richard Schirrmann dedicated part of his time creating programs for his students to spend more time together. He organized pedagogical activities and finally established small study trips for groups of young people. That's the way Prof. Schirrmann created this alternative for the accommodation of students, which was not only the overnight stay in hostelries. The first hostel was founded in Altena, Germany, in 1912 and it's still open until today. In 1932, the International Youth Hostel Federation was founded. This idea came to Brazil in the 1960s, a decade of the backpackers' generation, of the hippie movement, and of the students' movements worldwide.

In 1971, Brazil formed "Federação Brasileira de Albergues da Juventude" (Brazilian Youth Hostel Federation) and started being part of the Hostelling Movement. Currently, Hostelling International is the largest lodging net in the world, being present in the five continents.

There are more than 60 Youth Hostels in diferent states in Brazil, where you can expect to pay from R$15,00 to R$35,00 (reales). Brazil is among the fifteen countries, which are better served with Youth Hostels in the world, being the leader in Latin America. Youth Hostels are spread all over the world, in 70 countries, in all the most important destinies for the traveler.

A HOSTELLING INTERNATIONAL possibilita que o viajante atravesse fronteiras, amplie horizontes, vença as diferenças culturais se torne um cidadão do mundo e encontre na marca da casa com pinheiro, a imagem de segurança, credibilidade e convivência com pessoas descontraídas que querem conhecer o mundo. Essa tendência formou a maior rede de amizades mundial, porque nos Hostels – Albergues da Juventude você pode viajar sozinho que sempre terá com quem compartilhar as paisagens, as fotos, as informações e os diários de viagem. O preço do pernoite varia de US$7 a US$35.

Mission Our main purpose is to promote cultural interchange.

Philosophy Our philosophy is that young people from around the world get to know different countries, cities, cultures and customs through Hostelling International and thus learning to respect the peculiarities of each people and to live in society, contributing to their formation. Hostels highly value friendship, solidarity and the longing to travel. Being a hosteller is especially loving freedom, and honoring human familiarity and respect.
Hostelling's success is in the mission and in the philosophy, which are rooted in this movement.

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